About Us

Say it with dried flowers

At Lunariaa.eu we capture moments and make them last forever.

Whether it’s your bridal bouquet or you want to keep those first date flowers. Are you looking for a special gift for your loved ones ? We are here for you.

From sketches with a meaning behind, names written in dried and preserved flowers, what is better than a memory that lasts forever?

Lunariaa.eu is the first business in Albania that turns dried and preserved flowers into art and Olsjana is specialized in dried flowers and is the first world wide designer of logos with dried flowers.

Lunariaa was born after Olsjana gifted her sister in law a bouquet of fresh flowers for her birthday. She felt sorry as those beautiful flowers were going to waste in such a short period of time. That’s when she thought about preserving flowers and turning them into art.

Together with her husband they decided to name it “Say it with flowers” which was later changed to Lunariaa.eu, aiming to make it international. While starting a business and raising two kids she kept on working to penetrate a new market and received numerous positive reviews.

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